Forbes Issues Phishing Warning After Being Hacked

Popular financial magazine Forbes is warning people who have registered on its website to phishing_wideweb__470x34001be on the lookout for phishing scams after the site was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The notorious hacker group compromised the website last week and Forbes admitted user data was accessed and likely stolen. The email addresses of everyone who is registered on the site were exposed. The site was also defaced and had a fake story posted on it. According to published reports, the group bragged about its work on Twitter:

The Twitter account of the SEA had this post: “#Forbes users table (1,071,963 user-email-password) was dumped successfully, Anyone want to buy it?” And in a later tweet, the SEA warned that it was planning to publish a database of all Forbes users as soon as it could find “a secure host” on which to upload it.

The group also hacked 3 of Forbes’ Twitter accounts. The company issued an apology to its users and said it was making changes to prevent such an incident from happening again. In the meantime, if you’re a registered member of, change your password right away.

SEA has been making headlines for some time now. They’ve hacked the websites and Twitter accounts of many prominent organizations including the Associated Press and New York Times. They support the Syrian government and frequently target human rights organizations and western news outlets that have been sympathetic to the anti-government movement there. It’s unclear how much, if any, a connection the government itself has to the group.

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Nancy · March 10, 2014

    Thanks a lot for wonderful information. This information gonna help me a lot to be on safer side. Will remember all the tricks from next time. Thank you very much.

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  2. Cass · March 27, 2014

    The approach Forbes is taking is admirable. Unlike other companies that also get hacked, Forbes is not trying to tell lies to make the damage looks insignificant. Rather, it takes a very honest approach to warn its users. Of course, it’s much better if they hadn’t been hacked at all but the way they react is very mature and it should be an example for future victims of hacking.

  3. Ashley Nina · April 1, 2014

    The SEA works like a terrorist group! It is just that their technique is different. Instead of using weapons and other forms of violence, they abuse the power of the Internet and use it to carry out their propaganda. This is one group of hackers that we should not take lightly. The fact that they shared what they did to Forbes on their Twitter account shows us that they are not sorry for what they did or are doing. Groups like this should be on top of the authorities’ list! There should be a special law for groups like the SEA!

  4. Alfred · April 1, 2014

    I think this is how you should handle any kind of attack to the brand. Honestly, instead of being so negative about it, I find it honorable for Forbes to be open and educate their audience in the process, not like other companies like LinkedIn that prefer to remain quiet or even ignore the growing number of spam using their name.

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