February Spam Roundup

With winter mostly behind us and spring on the way, spammers and scammers are newswarming up along with the weather. Here’s a look at the top spam headlines from February.

GMail Gets Tough on Spam

Apple Suggests a New Way to Fight Spam

The Death of Windows XP Could Be a Boon to Spammers

Phishing Email May Have Led to Target Breach

Sick Phishing Campaign Uses Fake Death Notices

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Written by Sue Walsh

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  1. Lisa S. · March 12, 2014

    The fake funeral scam is really a new low! Don’t these people have boundaries?! Though I must admit these crooks do know how to manipulate people into doing what they want them to do. It will get scarier when they figure out how to personalize the names of the fake dead but let’s hope that by then the scam gets popular and many users become aware of it, so that they don’t click the link, even if they somehow are tricked to open the email.

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