Fanbox Spam Scheme Returns

Fanbox-LogoWe’ve discussed Fanbox several times here in the past, and when we did it generated a lot
of feedback.

Fanbox started out billing itself as an online chat, word processor and storage service (think Google Docs/Drive/Messenger), but quickly earned the ire of many for its sleazy way of promoting itself. The service accessed user’s contact lists without consent and spammed them. It got worse from their as the service devolved into some bizarre affiliate scam that bilked many who were tricked into paying bogus fees. “I’ll Pay Later” claimed you could make money by advertising your product, service or blog, and if you didn’t have one, you could share in other’s profits by something called “boosting”, where you post ads for other people and get a share of the resulting revenue.  On top of this, they sent emails asking for an “account processing fee” and claiming if it wasn’t paid, your “earnings” would be in jeopardy. Of course there are no earnings, it’s all a phishing scam. Once the company gets your CC or bank info, it helps itself each month or so. Some have reported having up to $100 a month taken from their accounts.

The latest chapter in this sleazy saga is a new spam campaign distributing fake earnings reports. These reports claim there is money waiting for you on their site. It’s just a ploy to get your email address and cell phone number-and Fanbox will pound them both with spam. Fanbox is owned by, a known spamming firm who has also been investigated for unfair labor practices. This company is bad news.

Why haven’t they been prosecuted for their spam and scams? That’s an excellent question there just doesn’t seem to be an answer to yet.

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Wendy Williams · March 10, 2014

    I have cashed out many times on FanBox. You really are incorrect about everything you claim to know. Participation in FanBox is voluntary. If people do not want to receive emails they simply just UNSUBSCRIBE to them. If they don’t want to participate in IPL, they don’t need to utilize their IPL limits. The earnings are real, and the complaining parties are people who just want money for nothing, or didn’t understand how it works, and spent FanBox money they don’t want to pay back, but they want the earnings from using FanBox money (IPL). I have been on the site for three years and you my friend are completely misinformed by the wrong people. Why don’t you join yourself and get some correct information about them before spreading your crap to people that can benefit by being a member of the community. You should be ashamed of yourself really. Get informed and then come back and review them.

  2. Norman · March 25, 2014

    Wendy, I see you are quite familiar with FanBox. I have just one question: isn’t this some kind of ponzi scheme? In any case, if what’s written in the article about misuse of personal info is true, this alone should be enough of a ground for prosecution.

  3. Chen · April 1, 2014

    FanBox, I’ve heard about this from friends here and abroad. I can’t echo what Wendy said because I haven’t tried it yet – nor will I ever. But I do know that some of my friends became victims of this spamming thing. Some of them did unsubscribe, but those who did not (because the emails looked really legitimate) had to deal with credit card problems. Needless to say, they’ve stopped using FanBox ever since. As I said, I can’t agree with Wendy because I’ve heard only the opposite from friends. But I hope we all learn from this FanBox scam. It pays to be informed, too.

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