Spam Levels Decline as Summer Comes to a Close

The statistics for August’s spam traffic are in, and in the last full month of summer, over all spam volume accounted for 68% of all email sent. That’s a decrease from July, but at the same time, the volume of phishing emails was 10 times that of July’s, and the volume of malicious spam was nearly three times higher. Most of the phishing emails detected were attempts to steal account information from social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, with some trying to steal iTunes accounts.  China was the number one spam producer, and combined with the United States and Korea to generate a full one-half of all global spam.

Experts say the reason regular spam dropped was likely due to the lull in holidays and worldwide events to exploit, and simply because it was a time when many people, even spammers, go on vacation. There was some malicious spam campaigns detected that were made to look like hotel or airline reservations and tried to lure people into clicking the included attachment to learn more. Those that did got themselves infected with malware.

Spam volumes are likely to rise to and maybe even exceed previous levels as the holidays and Winter Olympics approach. Expect to see a lot of Olympics themed spam and phishing emails. The recent U.S government shutdown may also generate some spam fall out as spammers rush to exploit the anger and fears of many Americans. Spam and is not going away by a long shot, so stay tuned.

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Theo · October 7, 2013

    As expected, the most affected is the social media sector, This is not really surprising since social networks like Facebook and Twitter are still as popular as they were when people were first introduced to them. Social media has become somewhat an integral part of our daily lives in that we often rely on them for news and updates, and even when looking for people, places, and jobs. As long as people use them and as long as their online presence remains significant, they will remain to be valuable spam targets. And, yes, people should expect more spam to hit these sites as we usher in the holidays.

  2. Lisa S. · October 15, 2013

    I did enjoy spammers’ vacation in August but when fall hit, so did spam in my inbox. I’m really inpatient for the shopping season to start because then I believe I will be getting much more spam. :-> Fortunately, I dumped social media, so all the social media spam I’m getting is just obvious junk to me.

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