New App Helps Rid Your Inbox of Stubborn Daily Deal Spam


Chances are you’re signed up for a “Daily Deals” type of email from a site like Living Social, Woot!,  Groupon or KGB Deals, to name a few. These sites specialize in offering special deals and discounts for local and online businesses.

At first the offers can be attractive but after a while the constant flood of deals gets old and annoying. The solution is, of course, to unsubscribe. Unfortunately that may not be as easy as you think. Many of these sites make it difficult to do so and some will even resume sending emails to you months after you’ve unsubscribed. Is this a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act? Perhaps, but that’s not completely clear because the messages aren’t unsolicited since you have to sign up to receive them.

“It’s surprisingly hard to unsubscribe from multiple daily deals. We had one user who emailed us saying they had manually tried to do it themselves and the emails just keep coming through,” Edwin Hermawan, co-founder of said. “We’ve tried to work with daily deal vendors but their general attitude is ‘f*** off’. I’ve reached out, tried to see if we could work something out to make it easier for both parties, but no go.”

Hermawan’s company decided to create their own solution. UnsubscribeDeals does the dirty work. Users just go to the site, log into their email account, and the site scans it for those annoying deal mails. The actual contents of your emails are never made available to the site, so your privacy is assured. There’s one huge drawback to this service. It only works for people with Yahoo or Gmail accounts. Whether they plan to add support for other services and ISPs remains to be seen. By the way, if you like getting the deals but want to stop them from overwhelming your inbox, they also offer a service that wraps your deals into one weekly digest.

How do you feel about services like this? Do you think the daily deals sites could be in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act?

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Jessica Craig · August 15, 2012

    I don’t see the point in this. I’d rather set a filter in Gmail to send all daily deals type of messages to the Spam folder and live happily ever after without having to allow a third party to my inbox. And occasionally I will check my Spam folder to make sure only the correct stuff is in it.

  2. Nathan · August 21, 2012

    I’m with you Jessica. I set up a simple filter and specific folder so I can access just daily deals easily and all together.

  3. Ian Smith · October 2, 2013

    I have been using a product called wumber ( which makes light work of this type of spam together with spam from shopping sites in general. Now I get all the coupons and email subscriptions on my terms. They can’t share my email address because it’s only encoded for them and spam to my email has stopped! I love it.

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