July Spam Roundup

It may be the lazy dog days of summer, but spam remains a top news story. Here’s a look at the headlines for July:

India Claims Spam Capital of the World Title


Grum Botnet, RIP!


Yahoo! Mail App Security Hole, Not Android Botnet, Responsible for Spam Campaign


Spam Fighting Techniques May Help Cure HIV?


Phishing Sites Now At Record Highs


Let us know what you think of these headlines and if there are any we missed!

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Cathy Tess · July 28, 2012

    Only the Grum death is enough to make the news for the year! It’s a big victory that they took it down. I wonder if the volumes of spam dropped because of this, or maybe did they drop really a lot?

  2. Tantin Blumera · July 28, 2012

    These monthly roundup postings are really helpful. It directs me to news I want to read about. But this headline really takes the cake: “Spam Fighting Techniques May Help Cure HIV?”

    Rather than just bookmarking this article for future reading, I would jump, or in this case, click on that link immediately. It’s funny but ridiculous. I have to hand it to the article or copy writer. It got my attention. It made me think if the writer used to write spam copies, as well. Maybe… It certainly follows the same style. Made me want to mention that that’s how FBI consultants get their stint. They are white collar criminals first, then, they are recruited to provide insights on how to run those illegal operations.

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