Four Ways to Avoid Spam Filters


Email marketing is still high on the lists of most companies as an effective way to reach new
and existing customers. However, with spam filters becoming more and more powerful, your carefully crafted messages may end up in a junk folder or marked as spam instead of in front of your customers. Here are 4 ways to reduce the chances of that happening:

1. Make sure your mailing list is clean. If you buy from a third party provider, make sure their lists were collected in an ethical and legal way. No addresses that didn’t opt-in should be on your list. If the mailing provider isn’t upfront about their collection methods and won’t provide details, steer clear.

 2. Sign up for feedback loops and pay attention. This service, which will let you know when and how many recipients of your emails mark them as spam, is offered by most ISPs and is invaluable. Pour over this data and look for any and all patterns. You’ll be able to see if certain campaigns or ISPs are complaining about you.

3. Respond to complaints promptly and professionally. Enough said. Being receptive to complaints and rectifying them quickly can go a long way. Ignoring complaints is a good way to get your domain blacklisted. Getting off a blacklist can be a time consuming chore.

4. Do regular housecleaning. Remove any address that bounces or rejects your emails, and periodically remove inactive users. Don’t forget to make it clear to recipients how they can unsubscribe from your emails, and if you change your email address, make sure they know so if they want to keep receiving your emails, they can whitelist you.

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Eve Leigh · July 13, 2012

    Thanks for the advice! I didn’t know about the loopback service but for a marketer it is really invaluable. I will pass this tip to my marketing friends, who are struggling with legit emails being caught in spam filters.

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