Exchange 2013 Will Include Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware

Microsoft recently made available to the public a preview version of Exchange 2013, the next version of Exchange – and you can start evaluating the product now in your lab environment. With a number of technologies designed to help protect users from both spam and malware, Exchange 2013 should prove to be the most secure version of Exchange yet.

Anti-Spam Protection

Exchange 2013 will include a number of options for customers to protect their users from spam and phishing messages. The redesigned Client Access Server role (one of only two in Exchange 2013) will include several anti-spam technologies similar to those found in Exchange 2010. Each of these protections will be implemented on the CAS server role as an agent. These will include

  • Connection Filtering agent
  • Sender ID agent
  • Recipient Filter agent
  • Sender Filter agent
  • Protocol Analysis agent

You will also have the option to install the Content Filter agent and the Protocol Analysis agent on the other Exchange 2013 role, the Mailbox Server, if you want to provide additional filtering capabilities.

Anti-Malware Protection

Microsoft knows the best way to protect data is to use a layered approach, and you can see this in the options available to protect users from malware. Microsoft will soon offer a preview of Exchange Online Protection, a cloud based service that can filter email before it is even delivered to the customer’s network.

Exchange 2013 will also include built-in protection against malware, probably very similar to the current add-on for Exchange 2010, Forefront Protection for Exchange. These will be managed in the Exchange Administrative Console, which is the web browser-based replacement for the Exchange Management Console.

File-level anti-malware scanning and transport scanning will be supported, with compatible third party anti-malware software.

Of course, since Exchange 2013 is pre-release software and the feature set is subject to change, this information might be out of date by the time the product is shipped. But with so much focus on anti-X technologies, and the need for a layered defence, it is likely that Exchange 2013 will include both these built-in technologies, and that you will be able to leverage them in combination with other solutions to best protect your users.

Are you excited about Exchange 2013 including these technologies?

Written by Casper Manes

I currently work as a Senior Messaging Consultant for one of the premier consulting firms in the world, I cut my teeth on Exchange 5.0, and have worked with every version of Microsoft’s awesome email package since then, as well as MHS, Sendmail, and MailEnable systems. I've written dozens of articles on behalf of my past employers, their partners, and others, and I finally decided to embrace blogging and social media, so please follow me on Twitter @caspermanes if you enjoy my posts.


  1. Rob Walters · July 31, 2012

    Anti-spam and anti-malware in Exchange are cool to have but I bet everybody who currently has a third-party solution and is pleased with the results will stick to it rather than switch to Exchange security. Nevertheless, these features are really useful and they could save a couple of bucks for a dedicated anti-malware/spam solution, so it is good to have the choice.

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