Android Botnet or Spoof?


A new spam campaign whose messages have the tagline “Sent from Yahoo Email on
Android” has led some security researchers to believe there is a new Android-based botnet out there. Others disagree, saying the spam is a result of users downloading malware-ridden apps from the Google Play store. Still others say it’s simply traditional spammers exploiting Yahoo’s buggy Android email app. Who’s right? That remains to be seen.

Another theory is that a traditional botnet is adding the tag line to fool people into thinking it’s coming from an Android device. While some may ask why a spammer would want to do so, it does make sense in a way. What if the goal of the campaign isn’t spamming, but sabotage? It’s no secret that Apple is viciously apposed to all things Android and has been fighting tooth and nail to annihilate it. Just recently they forced both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus off the market through a nasty court battle (the court promptly lifted the injunction on the Nexus a few days later) but lost similar lawsuits against HTC and Motorola.

Could it be even remotely possible that Apple is behind this odd spam campaign in an effort to make Android users believe the OS is dangerously insecure? Apple of course has long prided itself on being the only virus free OS. Something to think about, yes? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this odd new spam campaign.

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Cathy Tess · July 13, 2012

    I don’t think it’s likely for Apple to go that low but who knows. As for Apple being a secure and virus free, I wish this were true. They don’t get that amount of viruses but today they can’t market themselves as virus free because there are viruses for them, too. I think somebody is just exploiting the popularity of Android for their own purposes, no conspiracy here.

  2. Francis Garcia · July 28, 2012

    Sabotage? It’s not actually farfetch. Although, it is sad to note that those companies have went low to destroying rather than creating. I thought was to create a legacy of providing great products, not really putting a stop on the development of equally great ones. Oh, Steve, where have your vision gone?

    I am not saying that Apple is responsible with this, but if they are, I hope my words will get them reflecting on the proper allocation of their resources. But, I’m also open to the possibility that this might be propagated by a mobile security company who will take advantage with the PR. Create the need, so to speak.

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