Top 6 Spam Friendly ISPs

Some of the most important weapons in the war against spam are ISPs. Without them,spammers would have no place to host their criminal activities. While many ISPs have a zero tolerance policy and respond promptly to complaints and take-down orders, there are still many out there who remain friendly to, and even cater to, spammers, phishers, and other cyber crooks. Here’s a look at the worst of the worst.

1. This ISP, based in Italy, has nearly 70 different open and unresolved spam issues including domains hosting spam, phishing scams, and SQL injection attacks, along the harboring of a known spam gang.

2. With domains hosting the command and control servers of several botnets, phishing sites, a known spam gang, a fake Internet pharmacy site, and many confirmed spam sources, this ISP has nearly 60 open and unresolved Spam issues.

3. Once a haven for the Canadian Pharmacy spam campaign, this ISP harbors many spammers, some phishing sites, a known spam gang, the Pharmacy Express spam campaign and has a reputation for being a bulletproof host. So far it has 55 open and unresolved spam issues.

4. unicom-cn- This ISP was found to be hosting at least some of the command and control servers for the Zeus botnet. It also hosts dozens of spam domains. It currently has 52 open and unresolved spam issues.

5. unicom-hl- With domains hosting botnet command and control servers, phishing sites, and malware, this ISP comes in at #5 with 44 open and unresolved spam issues.

6. This ISP hosts several botnet command and control servers, a known spammer, several phishing sites, and more. So far it has nearly 40 open and unresolved spam issues.

Written by Sue Walsh


  1. Tommy King · August 23, 2011

    I know it was discussed earlier, but it seems like it would make the most sense to put these IPs on some kind of universal blacklist even supported by simple personal browsers that can at least provide a warning gateway before proceeding. Would some businesses and personal users get hurt as a result of the blacklisting? Absolutely. Leave it to the ISP to fix their holes or let their customers file a class action suit for damages so they can switch hosting.

  2. TechyDude · August 26, 2011

    I’m surprised that only one China-based ISP is listed here. I’m not generalizing, but many .cn and other China-based ISPs are involved with sending massive amount of spams. They’ve sent millions and millions of unsolicited messages, and some of them contain suspicious attachments – in pdf, excel, Word, and rar / zip formats.

    This year alone, spams coming from China ISPs almost tripled as compared to last year.

    Just a little bit of trivia, unicom-cn is one of’s most notorious domains because of its spam activities.

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