Facebook Wins Suit Against Spammer


Facebook announced on Thursday that it has won its lawsuit against notorious spammer Sanford Wallace. A judge in San Jose, CA awarded the site a $711 million judgement, the second largest in history to be awarded under the CAN-SPAM Act.

“While we don’t expect to quickly collect the full amount, we’ll work hard to get everything we can,” Simon Axten, a privacy and public policy associate at Facebook, said in a statement.

The suit was filed in February and accused Wallace and his accomplices Adam Arzoomanian and Scott Shaw of running a spamming and phishing scheme on the site. The trio sent messages to Facebook members that contained links leading to malicious sites that stole their login info. They used that info to spam everyone on the compromised account’s friends list. In addition to the hefty judgement the three spammers face possible prison sentences.

Wallace is no stranger to the legal system. MySpace won a $234 million judgement against him last year and in the last decade he has been sued by AOL, CompuServe, Earthlink and many other ISPs. He usually ignores the suits and refuses to show up in court. Earlier this year he filed for bankruptcy to avoid MySpace’s attempts to collect their judgement.

Written by Sue Walsh

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