Troubleshooting Error Code 0x80040119

Troubleshooting error codes in Microsoft Windows can be an arduous task. Oftentimes the error code can occur under different conditions and will take multiple diagnostic paths until you discover the reason for the error. Sometimes the error can seem random and other times the error is consistent and can be reproduced.

For instance, error code 0x80040119 is most often produced to indicate synchronization problems. Sometimes the error will occur after you’ve performed an Exchange upgrade. But diagnosing what code or application produced the error will take some time.  If you’re like most system administrators your highest priority is to keep the systems up and running. And this implies that you need to keep your end users up and running. So with that pretext in mind I will focus this blog post on how to correct your problem so that you can keep your users online and as productive as possible.

Sometimes you will have a small number of email users, out of hundreds of users, who are the only ones receiving email error messages. Everyone else will be receiving emails with no problems.  The email error messages will reference error code 0x80040119 and say something about client operation failures or synchronization errors. One such system administrator running Microsoft Outlook had the situation where only a couple email users out of many were receiving emails indicating synchronization issues. Here’s a sample of those email error messages:

Synchronizer Version 11.0.6352
Synchronizing Mailbox ‘John, Doe’
Synchronizing Hierarchy
Error synchronizing folder
[80040119-501-0-5C0] The client operation failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
Microsoft Exchange offline address book
Download successful

A possible solution is to recreate the outlook profile for each user who is having the error messages. This has been known to fix the problem in the past.

Open Control Panel and double click the mail icon.  Then select Show Profiles and Add a new profile.  Proceed through all the necessary steps to create the account until you are finished.  When all ‘add profile’ steps have been completed and you have confirmed that all your profile settings are correct then you can delete the old profile.  Your users should not receive any more synchronization error messages.

You can also try:
Select your exchange account
Click on CHANGE
Click the MORE SETTINGS button
Click on the ADVACED TAB
Uncheck “Download public Folders Favorites”

This is a good solution for two or three users who are having this problem but what do you do when a couple of hundred users are receiving the same error messages? Or maybe all your users are receiving the same error messages?

This is the reason why backups and replicas are important. It’s a lot easier to restore information for a couple of hundred users than it is to have to spend hours and hours manually rebuilding user profile information.

I mentioned earlier that your diagnostic path for resolving error code 80040119 can be varied given the different circumstances that the error will manifest itself.

Sometimes, the error message will report:

Failed to locate correct profile. Please close Outlook, open Outlook, and synchronize again. ERROR: 80040119 Communication Failure (80040119,4011).

If you get the error for all four Outlook conduits, then you should do the following:

If you are using Windows Vista:

  1. Go to Start/Search
  2. Click on the drop down for Advanced Search in the upper right corner
  3. Click on the drop down for location and select Local Disk (C:)
  4. Enter mapi32.dll in the Name field
  5. Check the box for “Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files (might be slow)
  6. Hit Search
  7. Once the file is located (should be in C:windows/sysem32) right mouse click on it and select rename
  8. Change the .dll to .old
  9. Open Outlook and wait 30 second to 2 minutes. See if you get a message that a recently installed program may cause Outlook to function improperly. Answer yes that you want Outlook to repair the problem. Wait another minute, close and reopen Outlook.
  10. Sync again

If you are using Windows XP:

  1. Ensure that Outlook is shut down (including any open e-mails or other Outlook applications).
  2. Click on “Start/Find/Files and Folders”, and type MAPI32.DLL in the “Named” field.
  3. Look for the Mapi32.dll file that is located in C:\Windows\system or C:\winnt\system32 depending on which version of Windows you have. Then right mouse click on that file, and click on “Rename” from the pop up menu and rename it to Mapi32.old
  4. Open Outlook. You will get a message that a “Recently installed program” may be causing Outlook to function improperly. Choose to have Outlook fix the error. Wait approximately 30 seconds (you won’t see anything happen.)
  5. Sync again
Written by Mike Rede

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