The Importance of Email Server Reporting

As an email administrator it is often asked of you to produce statistics showing how your email server is being utilized. This can be very important to IT departments that are run as their own profit and loss centers without the benefit of funding that comes out of the company budget. It is to any administrator’s advantage that they be able to run a set of comprehensive reports that will allow them to charge their customers an appropriate amount for their services.

Some of the reports that an email administrator should be able to run include:  the amount of messages sent and received by any department customer, statistics related to message size or number of receivers, delivery times – what week, day, time and other factors, reports based on distribution lists and reports based on protocols used.

Reports based on the number of messages sent and received by any department should allow the administrator to drill down to various levels of detail starting with a specific email message to including the number of messages transmitted per week, month or quarter. The administrator might be interested in being able to monitor a specific user or department or division within an organization. Perhaps an item of interest might be how many times a specific user went over their email storage threshold during the past month, quarter or year.

Email storage reports are of obvious importance especially if the departments are being charged back for their usage. It is a lot easier to ask for more storage when it can be shown that the sales organizations growth in storage needs is in line with their growth in sales revenue.

Sometimes it is useful to track what protocols are being used by the recipient’s email clients. They will consist of IMAP, POP3 and SMTP email protocols. Code is available on the internet to facilitate this kind of monitoring. Knowing which protocols are being used by email clients can help the senders to tailor their emails for the clients used to display those emails.

These are just a sampling of a few of the many reports email administrators should be able to run in order to successfully categorize and monitor their company’s email usage.

Written by Mike Rede

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