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515t1st66wl_sl500_aa240_1Honeypots: Tracking Hackers”  is a solid primer to this very necessary technology, which becomes a powerful teaching tool.  It starts with a basic explanation of honeypots and the different trapping roles they can play.  The book moves on to deeper explorations of six kinds of real world honeypot configurations, which include Back Officer Friendly, Specter, HoneyD, Mantrap, Homemade Honeypots and Honeynets.

What really makes this book thorough is a chapter focused on legal issues surrounding honeypot use. Three legal experts actually contributed to this section of the book. Crucial areas covered are entrapment, privacy and organizational liability. The book leaves no stone unturned by covering the Fourth Amendment, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Wiretap Act, and the Pen Trap Statute. All these important areas are covered from the angle of how each relates to implementations of honeypots.

This book is definitely aimed at many levels of honeypot knowledge, from beginner to advanced technologists.  With this book you will gain an understanding of honeypot concepts and architecture, as well as the skills to deploy the best honeypot solutions for your environment. You will arm yourself with the expertise needed to track attackers and learn about them on your own.  In addition to technology staff, security professionals, researchers, law enforcement agents, and members of the intelligence and military communities will find this book indispensable.

Lance Spitzner spends quite a bit of time, in several chapters, to cover honeypot maintenance and how to interpret the data analysis being captured. Spitzner places a decent amount of emphasis to point out that honeypots are not just one time setups that you throw out on to your network and wait for the arrival of attackers. Honepots require constant monitoring  and must be properly maintained.  Otherwise, a honeypot only provides a firm grip on an empty learning sack with no real education being accomplished. “Honeypots: Tracking Hackers” is a very timely and informative reference guide for all email administrators to keep within easy reach.

Written by Carl E. Reid

Carl E. Reid

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