Wipe a WM5 or 6 Device With OWA

It’s almost midnight when you’re woken from your peaceful slumber by a phone call from the boss. He’s calling from the pub in an inebriated state and is close to panic. “I’sh loshted my mobile and need it wiped … *hick* … immediately,” he slurs. Fortunately, with Exchange 2007 and Outlook Web Access (OWA), this is easy enough to do – without needing to make a visit to the office in the small hours of the morning.

Simply start up your computer and then (from Microsoft):

  1. Open Outlook Web Access.
  2. Log on to the device owner’s mailbox.
  3. Click Options.
  4. In the Navigation pane, select Mobile Devices.
  5. Select the ID of the device that you want to wipe and remove from the list.
  6. Click Wipe all data from device.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Remove Device from List.
  9. Curse your boss, turn off your phone and go back to bed (okay, so this one isn’t actually part of Microsoft’s instructions but it is nonethless a step that you’ll probably wish to perform in order to ensure that the boss cannot disturb you again to tell you that he’s found the device and the remote wipe should be cancelled).

Step #8 is non-essential, but there’s really no point in not doing it as the device will otherwise continue to be wiped even after it has been found (which is bound to happen when he sobers up).

Note that it’s also possible to perform remote wipes with ES/SBS 2003, but do so you’ll need to have previously installed the Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool.

Written by Jesmond Darmanin

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