Why email archiving can solve PST Problems & How you can win Amazon vouchers

Living in a world that’s ruled by laws and regulations it’s not surprising that our technology and data also falls under the jurisdiction of the legal system. Email archiving is rapidly being implemented in all organizations because of eDiscovery regulations and compliance legislation. All data must be traceable and recoverable, that’s the bottom line. However there are other reasons why email archiving, and email management in general, is an important investment for an organization, even in a country where legislation does not yet instruct that emails are to be stored.

Email archiving is used by administrators to maintain an archive of all corporate correspondence thus reducing the dependency on PST files which used to store Microsoft Outlook data on a local computer. These files are known to be unreliable and problematic from a compliance and usability perspective, yet are still widely used. The setbacks with PST files stem from both hardware and software issues, thus the chances of Outlook PST files getting corrupted, and therefore unusable, are rather high.

Despite the headaches that corrupted PST files can cause, PST Panic takes a more lighthearted approach to the problem by requesting registered users to submit either a photo of your stressed admin, or a photo of yourself showing how stressful and frustrating your job can be; screenshots of a horrible software crash and, for those creative people, an edited photo of all the very wrong things you would want to do to your PC when you find out that your PST files are damaged and unrecoverable!

And there are some excellent prizes to be won too! The first prize is a $250 Amazon gift voucher, whilst the 2nd and 3rd places get a $150 and $100 Amazon gift voucher respectively. A $10 Amazon gift voucher will also go to the first 50 people who submit their photo. And that’s not all!! Five randomly selected administrators will also get their very own free copy of GFI MailArchiver.

For more information about the competition and email archiving visit www.pstpanic.com.

Written by Jesmond Darmanin

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