Is Email Admissible In Court?

One great reason to archive your emails is in case you’re ever called to court. An email is a great way to protect yourself, right? Don’t be so sure. The folks over at the National ACH blog raised some interesting points about the subject in a recent post. Here’s an excerpt:

In these electronic times, it’s easy to think that an email would be admissible as evidence in court. After all, the email is dated and can be tracked back to having been sent from a computer with a specific IP address. But don’t be so sure email will protect you. Email admissibility in court can vary from state to state. And, even if admissible, email evidence is easy to rebuke for several reasons.

The post goes on to say that maybe good old fashioned postal mail is the way to go. That may be so but keep backing up those emails anyway!

Written by Sue Walsh

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